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Monica was always the main photographer of her house, obsessed with keeping all her family's memories in cardboard boxes. The family called her "Mafafa Musguito" (a child character in Mexico characterized by a lizard with a camera)

He decided to study photography from high school and for his good luck, his school had a photography workshop. Fascinated with the black and white development process, she never left her camera and captured all the holidays, trips, birthdays and anything that moved or not.

The most interesting thing is that in the trip of her life in Playa del Carmen, she would find a new world in the photo: wedding photography.

The dream of creating stunning images full of love, has been his passion since then.

All the love stories that she has known have made her cry, fall in love and believe in unconditional love.

Do not be surprised if you find her crying during the vows, since her job has not only been to capture the magical moments, but also to be part of the moment, to interact with you, your family and friends.

That is the way she has managed to empathize and capture the best of each wedding.

Oh, by the way, you will also see her dancing at your wedding reception!

Prepare to meet her.

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Tel: +52 1 984 132 0140

(272) 184 4716

Email: monys_255@hotmail.com

Destination Wedding

Mexico & Costa Rica

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